Virtual Tour Medellin

Live virtual tour of downtown Medellin

Who says you need to leave your sofa to travel to Colombia? Our virtual tour will give you the chance to take a quick “trip” to Medellín and discover what makes this city so unique!



Who are we?


At Real City Tours we’ve spent the last 7 years sharing our love for our city with over 200 thousand visitors from all over the world. We ran our last tour on March 14th and have had to come to the hard realization that it will be another while until we can run our next one.

Aside from the economical challenge, we love what we do and we miss it! We want to keep connecting with people from all over the world to show them our city and although we may not be able to do it in person, we’re fortunate to live in an era where at least we have digital alternatives.


What is the Medellin virtual tour?


It is a one-hour online experience using 360° images of downtown Medellin to show you around the city’s main squares, monuments and buildings, accompanied by one of our guides who will share some of their favorite stories and fun facts about the different sights.

Rather than just watching a pretaped video, the virtual tour is designed to be an interactive experience through a live video call, in which questions are welcome and conversation encouraged.  We’re looking to connect!

Whether you’d like to take the virtual tour on your own or invite others, it’s up to you! Our video call platform supports several simultaneous connections, so go ahead an invite your family and friends to join you on your “trip”. Just be careful with scheduling if you’re in different time zones!


Sample of the 360° images we use for the tour

How much does the virtual tour cost?


The price depends on the size of the group, but to give you an idea, the price varies between  10 and 15 USD. There are different payment alternatives including credit card or bank transfer.


How to book the virtual tour

It is very simple! We just need to know how many participants you will be and when you would like to take the tour. Once this is defined, you can contact us  via one of the following:


Email: [email protected]
Whatsapp: +57 319 262 2008

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